Thonet - Commercial Furniture

JUN 2012 MOSS | 3 Introduced at NeoCon

If one is good and two is better, why not 3? That is the question asked by Thonet as they release their newest collection of modular seating. The MOSS | 3 Collection is a merger of 3 simple shapes, square, rectangle, and L shape, which come together to create a limitless array of configurations. The MOSS | 3 Collection was designed by Qdesign and is manufactured in the Thonet factory located in Newport, TN.

Steve Cohen, VP of Sales and Marketing, commented, We are very excited about the results of our partnership with Qdesign. The MOSS | 3product is a simple concept that is easily adaptable for most any application. We see the product fitting into corporate, education, healthcare, and even hospitality. Each unit is designed to be used as seating, providing both sitting and perching heights. The elevated seat position is ideal for highly transient areas, as well as collaborative spaces.;

The design team created a product that has the ability to work in a small lobby or an expansive student union. MOSS | 3 utilizes the Thonet ;Quik-Kinect device, allowing the furniture to be reconfigured without the use of tools. For Green projects, Thonet offers the product with a bio-based foam and formaldehyde free core. When teamed with a wide array of recycled fabrics, the product makes a strong statement