Thonet - Commercial Furniture

R.A.C.E. Sofa

Model: Z-9500-S

Dimensions: 81.00(W) 33.00(D) 31.00(H)

Yardage: 6-1/4


What are the benefits of R.A.C.E. seating?

Damaged components can be easily field replaced.

All fabric is attached with Velcro closures, allowing

stained or torn fabric to be replaced on site.

Each item can be assembled and disassembled

without any tools using a steel bracket system.


Unitized steel seat suspension system provides comfort  and strength.

Engineered lumber frame is CNC cut to create precise joints, which are glued and secured.

CNC parts create a skeleton for the sock on upholstery to fit the right way every time.

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